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lambPierson Lamb

Art Director/Photographer

A native of Washington DC, Piers Lamb had extensive education and experience in graphic design and photography before joining our team at Evers & Company in 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Jacksonville University and has done graduate work in graphics and design.

As Art Director at Evers & Co., Piers is in charge of photography and graphic design for agents. He takes photos of our listings for brochures and virtual tours, designs fact sheets and mailers, and  advises us on promotions. Piers has a keen eye for maximizing the presentation of our listings –- a characteristic for which we have gotten a lot of compliments!



As Graphic Designer, Andrea works alongside our Art Director Piers Lamb to create custom designs to meet the needs of our agents. Andrea designs and prints announcements, personalized business cards, brochures, and mailers.



With four decades of real estate experience to her credit, Marvis Frenkel manages the weekly advertising for Evers & Co., including the Washington Post weekend ads, the weekly Current ads and the monthly Georgetowner and Downtowner ads- all free to the agents. Marvis is cheerful, detail oriented and efficient, and a much-appreciated part of our daily and weekly operations.

alderBilly Alder


Relentlessly positive and creative, Billy provides operational, technical and support services for all our digital adventures. Billy is a constant around-the clock source of technical help with our servers, routers, wireless networks, laptops, desktops, printers and all other necessary computer equipment needed to operate our successful business.


In addition to these wonderful souls in our office, we have a group of energetic young agents who might show your home or hold open houses when we need backup or when we receive interest from unrepresented buyers.

We have many close partners outside of the office as well, from title attorneys to home stagers, movers, inspectors and contractors, and we maintain a continuously updated resource list. A responsive broker and a lively company list serve with more than a 100 experienced agents assure immediate responses to any tricky question that might occur. We’ll be trying to make things as easy and painless as possible you at every step of the way!

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